Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wounded Warrior Slave Lake, August 4th 2014 Monday August 4 Robert Larrabee opened the Ho Down in Slave Lake for the wounded warriors with a song he wrote the day before, called "The Wounded Warrior Will Survive" The song was inspired by two woman Robert met on Sunday August 3rd in the lobby of the Big River Hotel. "I met Belt Drive Betty, and her friend Gunny as I was sitting in the lobby playing a song I wrote about the girl that works at the lobby desk. The two ladies walked over and sat with me, as we visited they spoke to me about the PTSD that Gunny suffers from also, about the SOS tree in Beachwood, a cemetery for veterans, and how the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder had claimed many of the veterans after they had returned home, through suicide. I just sat and took notes, I knew I had to write a song about it. I wanted the message to be about hope, so the title ended up being, "This Wounded warrior Will Survive" Larrabee wants to record the song, and Gunny wants it to be the theme song for the Wounded Warriors time will tell if any funding will become available to record the song.